Eat Penis Envy Mushrooms at Lowest risk

Penis Envy Mushroom
penis envy mushrooms

Penis Envy mushrooms can be found in both natural and synthetic forms. These mushrooms have a special genetic line which wouldn’t naturally evolve. They are less resistant to contamination, and take up to 25% longer to colonize than other varieties.

They are also less productive, and only produce a tiny fraction of the spores of other Psilocybin cogenesis varieties. They also require specialized conditions for incubation. Their spores are dark, purplish brown, sub ellipsoid, and covered with a casing layer.

While the general public is well aware of the existence of Penis Envy mushrooms, many people are still unsure of which strain is most effective. The Trans Envy strain was isolated by Spore Lab, a mushroom vendor in California.

This mushroom is similar to the Transkei Magic Mushroom, but has a shorter stem and smaller caps. It is considered one of the most potent penis envy strains, but reliable testing has been hampered by legality issues.

In general, Penis Envy mushrooms are effective in increasing mood and enhancing excitement. Some people report visual or auditory hallucinations and a feeling of being closer to the “source.”

They also claim to experience life-changing revelations. Penis Envy mushrooms are best used in moderation and by an experienced user.

The high from Penis Envy mushrooms is intense and lasts for six hours. They can be purchased at our online store.


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